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About Us

At Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen, we recognize the importance of clean and sanitized linens and clothing. Whether you’re a busy professional seeking a convenient laundry service or a business owner in need of dependable linen services, we’ve got you covered. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service, ensuring your complete satisfaction with each and every order.

North Vancouver Laundry Service

Our primary service is laundry for residents and businesses in North Vancouver. We offer a range of options, from self-service facilities to full-service laundry. Our modern equipment and skilled staff guarantee your garments and linens receive the care they deserve. We are committed to making the laundry process effortless for you.

Laundry Service Pick-up and Delivery

Say goodbye to the hassle of doing laundry yourself! Our laundry service pick-up and delivery option allows you to enjoy more free time while we take care of your laundry needs. Just schedule a pick-up, and we’ll return your freshly laundered items to your business, clean and folded, within 24 hours.

Commercial Laundry Service

Business owners in North Vancouver rely on us for their commercial laundry needs. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, spa, or senior care facility, we understand that your linens are a crucial part of your operation. We provide a fast, efficient, and reliable commercial laundry service to keep your business running smoothly.

Linen Service North Vancouver

For businesses seeking quality linen services in North Vancouver, we offer a comprehensive solution. We provide fresh, clean linens for restaurants, hotels, and other establishments. Our linen service ensures you have a consistent supply of high-quality linens, helping you maintain a positive image and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Full-Service Laundry Near Me

Convenience is key, and we aim to be your go-to full-service laundry near North Vancouver. With a range of services, including wash, dry, and fold, we cater to the specific laundry needs of your small business. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff ensure the best results for your garments and uniforms.

West Vancouver Laundry and North Shore Laundry Services

While our main location is in North Vancouver, we proudly serve the entire North Shore area, including West Vancouver. Our commitment to quality and convenience extends throughout the region, making us the preferred choice for laundry and linen services on the North Shore.

Why Choose Laundry North Vancouver?

  • Quality Assurance: We take pride in delivering clean, fresh laundry and linens.
  • Convenience: Our pick-up and delivery service saves you time and effort.
  • Affordable Pricing: Competitive rates ensure you get the best value for your money.
  • Eco-Friendly: We integrate environmentally friendly practices.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

North Vancouver: A Hub for Community and Commerce

The city of North Vancouver stands out as a vibrant, diverse community nestled between the bustling city of Vancouver and the serene North Shore mountains. Incorporated as a district in 1891 and later as a city in 1907, North Vancouver has evolved from a historic sawmill town into a thriving hub of culture, nature, and commerce​.

Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service, rooted in this ever-changing environment, is not only attuned to the unique fabric of the community but also to its distinct commercial and recreational needs.

Hence, let’s explore three unique locations in North Van, each offering a glimpse into the city’s rich tapestry and potential ties to commercial laundry services:

  • Grouse Mountain

Known as the “Peak of Vancouver,” Grouse Mountain is not just a popular ski resort but a year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts​​. From hiking the Grouse Grind to enjoying winter sports, the mountain attracts a diverse crowd of locals and tourists alike.

This presents an opportunity for Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen to cater to the various businesses here, from restaurants and gift shops to lodges and recreational facilities. Offering mobile laundry service, we ensure they have clean, fresh linens and uniforms daily through laundry services pick up and laundry service delivery.

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

This iconic attraction, featuring a 137-meter-long suspension bridge, is a testament to North Vancouver’s blend of adventure and history​​. The park, along with its Treetops Adventure and Cliffwalks Walkway, draws numerous visitors annually.

Our laundry service North Vancouver could support the park’s operations by providing clean uniforms for staff, ensuring a pristine experience for guests in restaurants and cafes, and maintaining the cleanliness of merchandise in gift shops.

  • The Shipyards District

Once the heart of BC’s shipbuilding industry, this area has transformed into a vibrant urban neighborhood, retaining much of its historical charm​​.

With bustling pubs, restaurants, and cafes, the Shipyards District is a prime location for our specialized restaurant and hospitality laundry services. No more laundry woes with our tailored wash & fold solutions, helping these establishments maintain their high standards of cleanliness and presentation.

Specialized Laundry North Vancouver

At Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen, we’re not just about basic wash and fold services. We’re about providing specialized, professional laundry service that cater to the unique needs of different sectors in North Vancouver.

From the bustling healthcare facilities to the lively restaurant scene, and the vibrant fitness clubs, our full service laundry solutions are designed to meet the diverse requirements of our community.

Compassionate Care for North Vancouver’s Seniors

We offer a comprehensive senior living laundry service, tailor-made for assisted living facilities, retirement homes, and senior care centers in North Vancouver.

Understanding the specific needs of the elderly, our laundry cleaning services are designed with a focus on gentleness, hygiene, and accessibility. We use specialized fluff and fold techniques to maintain geriatric clothing and linens, ensuring they are clean, comfortable, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Our cost-effective solutions and convenient laundry pick up service and laundry delivery service options relieve seniors and caregivers from the burden of laundry tasks, allowing more time for care and companionship.

Professional Uniform Cleaning for North Vancouver’s Workforce

In North Vancouver, uniforms represent professionalism and identity. We specialize in uniform wash laundry services for various industries, ensuring clean, sanitized, and well-maintained work attire.

Our state-of-the-art laundry facility handles everything from chef jackets to industrial overalls, ensuring each piece withstands North Vancouver’s unique climate challenges. We offer customized solutions, adhering to the highest health and safety standards, providing businesses with a hassle-free way to maintain their professional image.

Sterile Linens for North Vancouver’s Healthcare Sector

Our healthcare wash and fold service in North Vancouver ensures the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene for medical facilities. We specialize in laundering nurse uniforms, surgical linens, and other medical textiles.

Our meticulous laundry care process adheres to CSA and HLAC standards, utilizing advanced barrier technology for optimal sterilization. We provide a dedicated insular surgical linen pack room with a specialized HVAC system, ensuring a sterile environment. Services further include individual tagging for traceability and accountability, meeting North Vancouver’s healthcare providers’ unique needs.

Supporting North Vancouver’s Shelters

Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen provides compassionate shelter laundry Vancouver services in North Van. We recognize the critical role of shelters and offer more than clean clothes; we offer dignity and hope.

Our services are tailored to the unique challenges faced by individuals experiencing homelessness. We offer affordable, high-quality laundry solutions focusing on hygiene and convenience, including free pick up laundry service and laundry delivery options, contributing positively to the community’s well-being.

Immaculate Linens for North Vancouver’s Spa Experience

For spas in North Vancouver, we offer a premium daily laundry service, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, sanitized towels, robes, and linens.

Our commitment to health and safety is demonstrated in our 24 hours laundry, and we use advanced equipment and processes to meet the highest hygiene standards. Our services are tailored to handle delicate spa textiles with care, enhancing the serene and luxurious atmosphere of your spa.

Spotless Linens for North Van’s Vibrant Dining Scene

We do laundry Vancouver service for restaurants in North Vancouver, designed to support the local culinary scene. We ensure that restaurant linens, uniforms, and essentials are impeccably maintained.

Our advanced facilities and specialized care keep fabrics pristine, contributing to the overall hygiene and ambiance of your restaurant. We align our services and wash and fold service cost with the high standards of North Vancouver’s dining establishments, ensuring freshness and timely delivery.

Tailored Laundry Services for North Vancouver’s College Students

We provide specialized college laundry services in North Vancouver, catering to the unique needs of students. Our convenient delivery laundry service offers a time-saving solution for busy students, aligning with their fast-paced lifestyle.

We ensure professionally cleaned clothes are delivered to their doorstep through our drop off laundry service, eliminating the stress of laundry and allowing students to focus on their academic and social life.

Premium Airline Laundry Services for Vancouver

Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen offers specialized commercial laundry services for airlines operating out of Vancouver International Airport.

We ensure impeccable quality for in-flight linens, crew uniforms, and lounge textiles. Our timely, reliable wash and fold laundry services, along with sustainable practices, make us the preferred choice for airlines seeking high-quality laundry solutions at YVR.

Sanitized Linens for North Van Medical Clinics

For medical clinics in North Vancouver, we offer a superior medical clinic laundry service. We handle scrubs, lab coats, and uniforms, ensuring proper cleaning and sanitation.

Our service includes swift wash dry fold delivery services, with a focus on quality and no hidden fees. During laundry hours, we utilize advanced sanitation methods like ozone wash to ensure the highest standards of hygiene, supporting the health and safety of your staff and patients.

Reliable North Van Laundry Services Fitness Clubs

We offer specialized health club laundry services for gyms and fitness clubs in North Vancouver. For enhanced member satisfaction, we provide freshly laundered towels, uniforms, and workout gear.

Our expert care in personal laundry service for athletic apparel and streamlined operations ensure your members enjoy a clean and hygienic workout environment. Our customizable plans cater to your club’s unique needs, supporting your reputation for excellence.

Every service we provide is backed by our commitment to quality assurance, eco-friendly practices, and customer satisfaction. At Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen, we’re dedicated to serving North Vancouver with laundry and linen services that go beyond expectations.

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