Laundry and Linen Service Companies. Stains are avoidable but at other times unexpected. The longer a stain stays on any fabric, the more difficult removing it might be. Most times individuals find some of these stains prove very stubborn to remove by mere washing. This makes it necessary to follow certain patterns in washing off stains from fabrics. For those who do not even like washing or cleaning normally let alone the ones with stains the laundry and linen service is present to solve that. A laundry and linen service companies sets up a facility for washing and ironing clothes and linen. A laundry and linen service companies are an optional service that is provided to people once in a week or on agreed days at specified costs. There are various ways on how to remove stains.

Here are some stain prevention tips

  • Always prevent stain from setting
  • Treat every stain with water or proper solvent immediately
  • Never ignore stains or leave them till the next day
  • Avoid all forms of direct heat
  • Always apply stain removers right from the edge down to the stain middle
  • Do not dry your linens in the dryer if it still has stains
  • Do not use a coloured, wet or dirty towel
  • Avoid pressure
  • Do not clean stains from side to side
  • Act fast whenever a stain occurs.

If you are in your house when the stain occurred, you can start treating it straight away. If you are away from home get inside a rest room and use water and paper towels or tissue paper to dab gently on the area stained until it saturates thoroughly. The simple truth is that after dabbing it with water the stain might become more noticeable, but this act will help in preventing that stain from being a permanent one, saving you the cost of its replacement.

There are 3 main steps on how to remove stains

  • Select the solvent that is most appropriate for the stain and fabric
  • Apply the right method of application
  • Seek the necessary after care
  • Or simply call one of the laundry and linen service companies in your area.

The common types of solvents and the stains they take out

  • Water: this is generally safe to use on almost everything and not expensive. It needs long hours of soaking to have effect on oil and grease stains. It reduces the stain effect of hair dye, lipstick, blood etc.
  • Oxidising bleaches: the most prominent example of this is hydrogen peroxide. Very effective in removing colour stains making them perfect for grass stains, makeup stains and other color related stains. This is often used by companies offering laundry service and linen service.
  • Chlorine bleaches: it is a harsh solution. Use it with caution. Can dis colour a non-white fabric and damage it. Do not use on clothes with this tag “No Bleach” or “Chlorine Free” on it. It is very effective for removing multiple stains. Linen service and laundry Service Company makes use of this in removing top stains
  • Mineral spirits: a good treatment for all stubborn greases. It is too strong for fabrics that are delicate.

Here are steps on how to remove stains on a fabric

These are simple and easy do it yourself techniques on how to remove stains.

  • Soak the stained fabric in water: soak the stained fabric in water immediately but if away from home, continuously dab some water on the stain with a tissue or toilet paper as fast as possible. Ensure the entire stain is soaked, and also that the water soaks very well through the fabric and not just on the fabrics surface.
  • When you get home re wet the stained area and apply any absorbent: salt is the cheapest and easily gotten; you can make use of talcum powder or cornstarch for the same result. Allow the absorbent stay on it for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off.
  • Apply your solvent underneath the stain to the garments back: This makes it soak through and drive the stain back to the surface and not deeper.
  • Place the fabric face down on a neat paper towel: this gives the stain causing chemicals something to they can soak into. If you don’t do this you only end up spreading the stain that it ends up very invisible but it still remains in the cloth.
  • Allow the garment to remain face down for one hour or more.
  • Finally rinse the garment to remove both the solvent and the stain: if possible wash it immediately by contacting the laundry service or the linen service or making use of a laundry machine.

These are simple tips on how to remove stains.

Also widely used by laundry and linen service companies offering laundry and linen service.

A lot of holiday foods can be specifically stressful if they mistakenly land on your tablecloth or clothes. Today there are a lot of holiday stain removal techniques. Don’t allow holiday stains mess with your fun.

Laundry and Linen Service Companies offer perfect solutions for all seasonal stain.

  • Turkey stain: First treat this stain with a dish soap or spot remover. Wash in very hot water okay for the fabric. Air-dry it.
  • Soot stains: do not squeeze or rub, it might worsen it just shake out the fabric. Wash with suitable hot water and washing detergent. Continue washing till the smoke or soot odor is removed. You might need to wash it many times.
  • Potatoes: dab with a wet cloth. First treat the stain with spot remover and rub it in gently. Wash it in warm water. Air-dry it.
  • Butter: put salt on the stain and leave it. First wash the area with liquid soap or spot remover and wash in a very hot water suitable for the fabric. Dry it normally. This holiday stain removal technique works well.
  • Colourful desserts and cakes: first dab with cool water then soak for at least about 30 minutes. After that apply liquid soap or stain remover and wash.
  • Coffee, soft drinks and tea: soak with water, first apply an absolve like vinegar then wash with chlorine bleach or oxidised bleach if it is okay for the fabric.
  • Beer: wash these with hydrogen peroxide until the stain goes out. Air-dry it
  • Wine: This is a very effective holiday stain removal. Treat at once with warm water. Apply salt to the stain; rinse the salt out dab lightly with glycerine or detergent, and lay it face down upon a paper towel. Rinse it and wash the normal way. Do not use flake or bar soap because they can permanently set the stain.
  • Sticky canes of candy: soak it in a water containing ammonia for 30 minutes.  Soak again in water containing vinegar then rinse. Hang it to let it dry.
  • Chocolate: dab and pre-treat with spot remover. Rub gently. Wash in a hot water with bleach that is okay for the fabric.

So why not one of your areas laundry and linen service companies to help you remove stains from fabrics.