We are Metro Vancouver’s Leading Commercial Laundry Service Provider.

Reduce paper

Before reusing or recycling waste, reduce it first. We have adopted a firm-wide “Green Office Initiative Project.” making small changes like setting all printers to print on both sides and using e-mail and intranet for internal documents. The reduction is not only smart for the environment, but smart for company spending.

Better transportation

We encourage staff to take public transit, carpool, bike or walk to the plant. Employees are offered subsidize monthly public transit passes.


We have recycling bins in our workspaces, cafeterias, meeting rooms and other common areas.

Pick products wisely

Instead of offering coffee in disposable cups or birthday cake on paper plates at meetings and office parties, we encourage employees to bring their own mug, cutlery and dish wear when possible. For things our office must consume, we try to make those goods as environmentally-friendly as possible. For example, use paper made from post-consumer waste and use remanufactured toner cartridges for your printing needs.

Power Shut Down Switches

This device allows all power to be switched off to the office / warehouse area when not required… saving large amounts of power every year when machinery, computers and other equipment is not in use.