Our professional commercial laundry service and linen service provides first-class laundering for hotels, prisons, hospitals, medical facilities and residential customers. Our professional commercial laundry service companies are more than just a wash and dry services; we have dedicated facilities for services programs to keep your linens coming back clean and usable.


Vancouver Laundry has a fairly large plant it contain separate areas for receiving, washing and drying, ironing, folding and shipping.  Our professional commercial laundry service has trucks scheduled for dirty laundry pickup and return of clean laundry at specific times. Most commercial laundry services specialise in a 24-hour turn round time.


Professional Commercial Laundry Service specialises in free pickup and drop off and requires no contracts. Even without a contract, you can rest assured that your laundry will go through the following steps:


  • Retrieval. Your laundry will be collected by laundry personnel and taken to the commercial facility. Pieces will be labelled and counted to ensure precision.


  • Soil sorting is the next process, and linen is sorted according to item. Different items require different washing techniques and professional laundry services are expert at sorting. Your blankets will not be washed with the sheets and towels are washed in their own machines.


  • Washing – after laundry is collected and sorted now is the time for washing. Linen is weighed according to the washing machine’s load limit, and professional “washers” monitor the chemical levels in the water. Agitation, water quality, time, and heat is also monitored. We guarantee not to “over wash” your laundry.


  • Processing is the stage where laundry is dried, ironed and folded. If you are washing towels and blankets, they are put through a drying unit until they are no longer wet or damp and sent to mechanical folders. Sheets are usually sent through ironers that are steam powered. You receive your laundry laundered, folded, pressed and packaged all according to your specifications.


  • Folding employs mechanical machine action to fold the linens into shapes that can be stored and handled with little difficulty. Large piece folders handle blankets and other large items like banquet table clothes, and small piece folder cover towels and pads. It is the goal of the folder to pack as many pieces of linen as they can into a small space. We guarantee to return your laundry folded to the size that you want. We know your space is limited, and folding is the key to keeping space at a premium.


  • Packaging is the step where laundry is prepared for delivery. Individual orders are filled, put in the appropriate packaging, sorted by customer and type and sent to the main distribution point.
  • Delivery – now it is time to distribute the clean laundry. Trained delivery people transport the laundry back to the customers. Usually, an invoice is left with the customer. Most customers can sign up with Commercial Laundry Service without a contract. All, you need to do, is call in, request a pickup and we wash and return your laundry. Orders are turned around in 24-hours.