Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service is a fast growing uniform and linen supplier in the Canadian linen supply industry. We give very competitive and customer friendly prices in a variety of quality textile supplies and linen for hospitals, residential homes, industries, salon, spa, fitness clubs, health care, retirement homes and many more. Our custom list for hotel supplies are as follows: luxury bed linen, sheet, hotel beddings, fitness towels, pillows, face and bath and pool towels and many more. Apart from the uniform and linen supplies across the country, we also provide organization and industrial supplies or large quantities of apparel across the country. Our delivery is very fast and our shipping is very competitive very customizable to suit your preference. Your satisfaction is very much guaranteed.

As a leading and top level brand in uniform and linen supply company in the Canadian linen supply industry, Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service has grown over the years and developed great partnership with large firms and organization as their sole supplier of staff linen materials. There are several linen companies in Canada today but our impact on various and several organizations is always an unforgettable experience. This explains why more and more large companies in Canada today are choosing us as their only supplier over other linen companies.

Over the years we have been known for our top quality medical linen supply materials and customer friendly prices in our linen supply services. Our motivation to deliver Exceptional and top quality linen service at the best customer friendly prices has been our top priority. We have served thousand of linens to dozens of different industries and organizations. We are very passionate about delivering world class services to our esteemed customers.

Over time there has been an increase in the need for good linen service companies for the medical industry. The importance of the medical industry cannot be over emphasized as it is the backbone of human life security. Since it is an industry that deals with human life, special care must be taken to maintain its cleanliness. Hospitals have complained from time to time about the burden of taking care of their linens and laundries. These linens do not just include their curtains and lab coat but also the uniform of it workers, patients as well as the bed covering and other fabrics used in the day to day running of the business. This has led to the emergence of good linen service companies like Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service in the Canadian linen supply business to take care of the linen and laundry needs of medical businesses.

Our medical linen supply is used my many industry professionals in the medical industry. Various hospital, clinics, and health centers have enjoyed our top notch services and this has made them loyal customers. The medical linen supply has helped in taking away the burden or stress of buying new linens for hospitals and other health centers. It has successfully helped in taking care of their laundry needs.

Our commitment to the safety of our employee, health, environment and the overall well being of the community we serve is a major priority and we maintain our leadership throughout the industry. Our success is built on services and product that exceeds and outshines industry’s standard and our customer’s expectation.

Our devotion to total quality is seen on the mode of work of all our staffs. We have partnered with many companies to ensure we offer a higher quality of apparel services and top quality products to fit customer’s need. It is not a coincidence that our customer’s keep coming back for more and more, they count on us because we are time tested and always ready to serve our customers.

Our product has succeeded in helping many companies make a great first impression on their employee and customers. Our innovative state of the art technology help solves common problems in services and controls your program cost. Our awesome combination makes us the first choice of many companies and organizations.

Why would you use us?

  • Our linen services helps businesses, medical and health care professionals, restaurants, and the general consumers get the right linen materials for their uniforms while saving lots of money, because our services are offered at an extremely low price.
  • We also work with many other linen companies which are also the best in the industry to enhance a more efficient delivery throughout the country.
  • Our service delivers the best in the linen uniform industry worldwide. We have been tested and proven by our customers over the years.
  • All our partners have met certain standard in the industry to be able to partner with us, so you can be certain of absolute satisfaction in doing business with us.

We have done our part as a company to bring you top quality materials and linen uniforms. We focus on apparel needs and linen so that you can focus on your business.

If quality linen supply and apparel is what you need, then Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service  is here to give you the best service, even above the industry’s standard at a very pocket friendly price. Don’t take our words for it; give us a try and you can be sure we actually deliver what we promise and more.

We are strongly devoted to customer’s satisfaction and that has kept us going up till this day. We still maintain our stand as one of the best in the whole country. That is a sign of absolute and total quality service. What else could anyone ask?

Use Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service today and see the great difference in your business with just a little spending. Use our service to brand you company today and see your company stand out against all odds from the competitors.

Our professional staffs are waiting 24/7 to give you top quality design. We are looking for