Clean linen Often times when health is spoken of the human mind goes to various aspects of life it believes is pertinent to health. Most of this areas range from what we eat, and drink up to our exposure to sunlight and radiation. Linen Service – health and clean linen. Nevertheless there lies a very important aspect we tend to ignore which shouldn’t be so; linen. Clean linen as common as it may sound is at the centre of all other activities. No matter how rich and sumptuous a meal is, if it is prepared in a dirty kitchen or in an unhealthy cooking condition it is definitely not a healthy meal. Same applies for our houses and offices, irrespective of the kind of architectural design they have it will be unhealthy to work or live in if the laundry or office linen are untidy.

The major problem which people have associated as being the reason behind their inability to keep their linens clean is inadequate time or tight work schedule. This actually is no longer a problem today as there are a lot of companies today offering various typo of linen service. The Canadian linen service industry has grown from what it use be in the nineties to a multi-billion dollar industry with various key players. Notable among the big players is Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service located at West Broadway Street in Vancouver, BC.  .The linen service business has likewise grown from its traditional functions of just washing clothes to incorporate all forms of linen services ranging from, hotel linen service, restaurant linen service, medical linen service, office linen service, domestic linen service and many more. Trying to maintain a good work and life balance today in Canada is much easier than it used to be. With the kind of innovation and technology employed by line service companies in the Canadian linen service industry it is very clear that there is a big competition with every linen service provider trying to be the best.

One of the industries that require the services of linen service companies is the health industry. The health industry which is at the fore front of promoting cleanliness lives by example as is seen today. Various health providers or hospitals maintain good cleaning policies. Some recruits laundry staff and acquire in house equipment for handling their linens while others hire the service of medical linen service providers. It has often been argued that opting for the services of medical linen service provider is more beneficial to a medical centre.

Here are some of the reasons why it is better to make use of the services of a medical linen service provider instead of establishing an in house linen department

  • It maintains focus – This is because it allows a medical centre or hospital to focus on its core function which is providing health or medical services to people rather than trying to merge both functions. It ability focus on just delivering medical services makes it more efficient in operation.
  • Inadequate manpower -unlike companies in the Canadian line service business offering medical linen services the hospitals lack the manpower to carry out efficient laundry or linen duties as most of it workers are basically trained in the act of rendering health related services and not cleaning nor washing.
  • Lack of proper management – managing the running of a medical centre is a huge task on its own and adding the management of a laundry department will only make it more difficult. Once affairs are not managed properly both aspects of the medical centre suffers so does the patient.

One common reason why most businesses and industries opt for the service of linen service providers is on time deliveries. A line service provider which has become synonymous with on time deliveries is Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service located at West Broadway Street in Vancouver, BC.  Punctuality is the soul of business and any business that wants to be outstanding must have a good time management policy.

Of what use is a business suit if it arrives from the cleaners an hour after the meeting it is to be used for has commenced. Of what use is the surgical wear if it comes when the surgeon is already in the theatre. Time management is a huge factor that is usually considered by medical centres as well as homes and businesses when choosing a linen service company. On time deliveries makes a hospital work with confidence as it already knows when to send out its linens and laundries and is fully aware of when to expect them.

On time deliveries is a major determinant of a hospital’s choice of linen service. Time management is what distinguishes a business from another consequently; on time deliveries of a linen service distinguish it from others.  A safe hospital is one with good cleaning policy; a good cleaning policy actually incorporates healthy laundry and environment. Linen from hospitals is usually handled with care due to the delicate nature of the health business. Some of the linens from hospitals will be stained with blood or fluids of patient. Firms in the Canadian linen service business when offering medical linen service to hospitals usually sort the materials before washing them. This sorting helps to identify the kind of stain a fabric has as well as the cleaning method suitable for it.

With many providers competing for the key spots in the Canadian linen service industry only technologically innovative and professional cleaning companies like Greater Vancouver Laundry and Linen Service located at West Broadway Street in Vancouver, BC notable for their on-time deliveries make it to the top spot.

Medical linen service has become very common today unlike time past and a look at the industry shows it is performing well offering innovative products & services to enhance infection prevention and safety in a manner that protects staff and patients. Cleanliness of our linens is very essential for good health, and the medical centres who are promoting cleanliness have led by example through implementing good linen cleaning policies. It is therefore very vital that we play our own parts as individuals by making cleanliness a habit.