Commercial Laundry Service In an era like this where innovation is at the front row of development, there is no industry that has not experienced one form of transformation or the other. Gone are the days when a section of the house is covered with filthy laundry or linens awaiting weekend, which obviously is the only time they could be washed. Days when weekends are dreaded as the workload is double of the weekdays work, where employees have to own multiple work cloths so as not to be caught off guard. The hospitals are not left out as nurses find it difficult to make time to wash their uniforms or lab coat.

Today, with the advent of commercial laundry a new dawn has come. Companies are now established with the sole aim of solving the laundry or linen problems of people. These companies offer commercial linen service or commercial laundry service to families and businesses. The Canadian linen service industry is a robust one with many commercial laundry service companies as the players.  Some of the services this commercial linen service or commercial laundry service companies’ offer includes; medical linen service, restaurant linen service, hotel line service and many more. Some of the companies have niches where they specialize on while others offer variety of laundry services. The commercial laundry service business to be outstanding the linen service provider employs the services of professionals some already trained while some are trained by the company. These experts are trained in the art of handling fabrics or linen of any kind. This training makes these professionals efficient in discharging their duties. The commercial linen service company allows customers to have accounts they can tailor to suit their needs. Some of these accounts include chiropractors, salons, government agencies, spas, and restaurants, cleaning of companies, hotels and many more. The only thing a client needs to do is to pick from an array of option the commercial linen service company provides.

Some are also into textile and linen rentals; where linens are rented out to customers for a fee. The client does not bother with holding costly stocks of their own all they need to do is make an order and it will be delivered and when it becomes dirty the commercial line service company comes to pick it up. This option of rentals is provided by companies offering medical line service, hotel line service, restaurant linen service and many more. The hotel line service is a linen service modeled to suit the needs of hotels. It comprises the washing of the hotel line or handling their laundry works. Many hotels presently have opted for the services of companies in the Canadian linen service industry which offers hotel linen services to enable they face their core function; hospitality. Restaurants on their part are not left out as many of them too have hired the services of restaurant linen service providers to handle their laundry and linen needs. This gives them ample time to focus on their various cuisines and dishes so as to retain and grow their customer strength.

The commercial linen service business is becoming very popular daily as people have come to see some of its advantages over personal or in house washing. Here are some of the benefits people who opt for commercial laundry services enjoy:

  • Saves water – hiring the services of commercial linen service companies will ensure your water is conserved. Handling your fabrics your self translates to increase in water bills which nobody obviously wants.
  • Right washing chemicals – as a result of no training or not being a professional many people who try washing some of their linens have ended up destroying them. Some linen is delicate thus require special washing chemicals or method a mistake on these could ruin the fabric. This kind of problem is avoided by giving professionals the job to do.
  • Industry Experts – the companies in the Canadian linen service industry hire the services of experts or train their workers to be one. These experts handle each fabric uniquely to ensure the right washing method is used for it.
  • Free mind – there is no need walking round with a heavy heart which is due to pilling laundry that needs your attention. Business people, doctors, nurses, chefs, lab scientists, and individuals can now go about their normal business without having to worry.
  • Less stress – stress is what every individual wants to avoid. With the increasing health cases arising from stress related issues it is the last thing anybody will wish for. The stress from the everyday job is enough and addition to it will be killing.
  • Affordable – the prices charged by the commercial laundry service companies are usually very affordable. So it will be a cost effective approach to give them your laundry and line jobs instead of doing it yourself and still incurring extra cost.
  • Great clean – due to their specialization in laundry services; commercial linen service companies can afford innovative facilities and equipment that aids cleaning. So be rest to get simply the best.
  • You can customize accounts to suit your laundry needs – there are available options you can opt for or model to suit your preference. You are given a chance to decide when, where and at what time you want your laundry done or linens picked.
  • Awesome delivery – in the Canadian linen service industry time management is essential and these companies especially Greater Vancouver laundry and cleaning services have lived up to expectation. You can be rest assured your laundry will be well packaged and delivered when and where you want them.
  • Lastly the Cleaning method will have its basis on a system of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCPs), in order to make sure your laundry is not contaminated.


Commercial laundry service has saved workers and individual the stress of having to deal with work, business, laundry and kids for those who have. Specialization comes to play here as every individual does that he is good at instead of trying to be a jack of all and master of none. The advent of commercial linen service business in the Canadian linen service industry is a great leap of development and advancement.