Laundry Linen Service basically refers to commercial sized cleaning services. These are services sought by hotels, restaurants, hospitals, physiotherapist, retirement homes and companies with company uniforms and many other larger institutions. Linen can include bedding’s, towels, table cloths, staff uniform and so on. A good laundry linen service will ensure that the work done is top-notch and pays attention to details such as sterilization as the above companies require proper hygiene to thrive.

So how do you go about looking for a laundry linen service that you can trust? When it comes to hotels and hospitals, there are a few kinds of laundry linen services they may acquire, each with its pros and cons. These types of laundry linen services will allow you to choose the best one based on the institution you represent.

  • Contracting a Laundry Linen Service Company: The main idea behind this is to contract a laundry linen service whose main task is to pick up and drop off the linen needed to be cleaned. While this may take the load of constant laundry cleaning from the hospital, it also brings about the risk of mixing linen which may otherwise not be mixed, especially in a hospital setting, which can then bring about the risk of contamination and infection.
  • Rental services: This is perfect for small institutions that do not require a large linen load. The institution simply hires its required linen from a company that rents them out. This will cut costs for the hotel or hospital, yes. However, the rented linen will not usually have the institution’s branding, may not be the desired color or quality and there is no guarantee the history of that linen is that trustworthy.
  • Cooperative Laundry Linen Service: This means that one laundry and linen service company is contracted to handle the laundry for a chain or number of hospitals. While it is cost effective and will work for a small hotel or clinic, the linen service may not be open 24/7 as these institutions are which means that services may be interrupted.
  • In-house Linen Plant: Large hospitals and hotels will work better with the plant system. This means that the institution has its own linen service. This may be costly for smaller hospitals or hotels, but for the larger ones, it is definitely a cost-effective way to handle their linen services. Further, linen can be cleaned and collected on demand.

To begin with, you must look for a local company that offers these services. The main purpose of that is to ensure that you can drop off and collect at you convenience without worrying about traffic or transporting the linen without it getting dirty all over again.

Another way of getting quality linen services is to do your research. It is important to know their track record in terms of their services, laundry cleaning quality, level of hygiene, costs and professionalism. You can do so by checking out their website for client reviews or get feedback from social media or review sites that can give you further insight into the linen service you are interested in.

The next thing to look into is the processes as well as equipment used in the selected laundry and linen service. This is important so you can be satisfied with the level of work done to ensure your linen is not only clean but also well sterilised. The main reason behind knowing the type of machinery used it to determine if the equipment is old, does a proper task and will give you a quick turnaround time for your order.

Find out if the laundry and  linen service has a delivery option. While it may be risky for you as an individual or your company to collect the laundry, the linen service company is best suited to package, handle and deliver your linen safely and professionally. Delivery services are also advised in case the selected linen company is a little far off from your locale.

There are a number of advantages of outsourcing your institution’s laundry and linen service.

  1. To begin with, it helps with inventory. Professional laundry linen service companies will ensure that all laundry is accounted for and tracked at all times.
  2. The main reason behind using an outsourced linen service is that it will help to reduce operational costs. You will not have to worry about a laundry plant or hiring extra staff to clean linen. In terms of saving on costs, you do not have to worry about machine breakdown, linen destruction or any other factors that may slow down the linen service or require you to spend any more funds than you already are.
  3. Linen service is professional. They are able to handle your linen and laundry needs in a professional manner as they are trained and experienced in this type of work.
  4. Linen Service will help with all related compliance. This is in reference to health regulations as well as other relevant laws in place. A professional linen service is aware of these laws and will ensure that your laundry meets these standards.
  5. Time and energy is saved. A professional linen company understands that timelines are of the utmost importance to any company and will ensure that all laundry is cleaned and delivered in a timely manner. For the institution, time and energy to build on other aspects of the business will be available.

Additional ways in which you can have the perfect laundry and linen service is to have a great rapport with the company. Having a good working relationship with your linen service provider will get things done right, quick and professionally. They will even be willing to handle urgent orders for you as a sign of good faith. In addition, choose a linen service with great customer care services. For example, they should be contacting you after offering you services for some after-sales services. They should be a proactive company that will inform you of additional procedures that can make your laundry stand out from the crowd.