Some businesses like hotels, restaurants and catering companies handle a lot of laundry, and this requires considerable effort, time, energy and resources. If you run such kind of a business, then you may have spent time thinking about the right way to the deal with the issue properly. Linen and laundry can swallow a huge chunk of your time and attention which could have been otherwise directed to other important and demanding aspects of your business. Try our Commercial Linen Service.

If your business constantly handles dirty linens, then it may be a good idea to partner with a good commercial laundry service. Hotels, motels, restaurants, day spas, clinics and catering companies are some of the establishments that require good laundry services.

While having in house linen supply and cleaning may seem a more economical and favourable option to outsourcing linen services, but maintaining your own linen supply will have many hidden costs that you previously wouldn’t have been aware of. The following are some reasons to hire a commercial linen services.

Your first reason will be initial costs: The amount initial investment required to setup your own in-house laundry service may be overwhelming, considering the other costs necessary to run your core business. You’ll need to the linens needed, secure the necessary equipment and chemicals to sterilise already-used linens. In addition to this, you’ll also need storage to store them and transportation to deliver to rooms. You will also need to additional staff to sterilise and dispense the linens as well as other items.

If you choose a commercial linen  service, you won’t have to worry about any of these costs. The linen company will already have all the staff required, inventory and processing facilities.

Your second reason would be space. After securing the initial inventory, the next thing to consider is the space where you’ll keep them. You can’t use any random place to store your items; the place will have to be very hygienic, sanitise and have proper ventilation. It should also be secure from theft and against hazards like fire. The space must be large enough to store cleaning equipment and other accessories, have good plumbing structures and wiring.

Certainly these are not costs anyone would want to encounter. However, when you hire the services of a linen company you don’t have to setup a linen processing facility. Doing this will save you a lot of time and money and spare you from other construction and adaptation cost.

In addition, after your initial setup and other supply costs, there’s another major expense you’ll have to put into consideration: maintaining your linen inventory. Because of constant use and abuse linens experience in different establishments, ensuring a stable inventory can be somewhat difficult. Things can rapidly wear off, become torn or ripped easily, have holes and unexpectedly go missing. If such were to happen to your inventory, urgent replaced would be required. Regular inspection on linen would also be required to ensure that inventory remains usable, and this may mean employing additional laundry staff.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Linen Service Company.

Cost won’t be the only factor to consider when looking for a commercial linen service company. You will also want to consider the company’s customer service, level of training, experience and reputation.

Before choosing your linen service company, you’ll need to keep your budget in check. Get quotes from different companies making sure that they are fully detailed with all charges and expenses so as to avoid any hidden or underlying costs? Keep in mind that choosing the cheapest service won’t necessarily mean the highest quality of work. For this reason, you will need to weigh the price against factors mentioned below.

Customer Service

The main component to successful partnership between an enterprise and its linen supplier is their relationship. The best linen service company will strive to ensure that its clients are satisfied and happy. Such a company will provide a high quality service, answer questions and attend to queries in the most delicate, appropriate and timely manner.

Using the Right Equipment

The ideal linen service company will ensure total removal of all visible stains in your laundry and maintain the fabric’s initial condition. To achieve such objectives, the company will need to be in possession of the right equipment and chemicals to make sure your linens don’t experience wear and tear during the process.


If you run a hotel, restaurant, catering company, medical office or clinic, then you’ll appreciate the need for your linens to be cleaned in the shortest time period possible. Go for a linen service that will handle the job in record-breaking time with no delays whatsoever.

Green Enough

These days, it is important that when choosing a company, you go for one that employs green practices. Green practices will ensure that your company uses environmentally friendly methods that don’t harm the environment. This means using paperless materials, recycling and using detergents that don’t harm the ecosystem.

Ways on How You Can Reduce Your Linen Costs

• Keep Track of Usage

Keep track of all linen usage so as to increase your awareness of any possible waste.

• Educate Your Staff

Educate your staff on linen costs and associated regulations, and then set objectives for your staff to follow.

• Post Results

Publicise waste, savings and usage on employee bulletin boards in order for them to see progress.

• Choose Your Commercial Linen Service Company Carefully

Go for a Commercial linen service company that keeps track of usage and inventory, offers employee training, responds in good time and can provide some references.